AS3 - Drag & Drop bugged when animation state

Hello all!


I found this bug and i don't know how to do :c

I have a drag and drop , on the drag item (A) i create a state named "animate" (doing ctrl-c ctrl-v inside the state, and i added the fade effect). 

My triggers are: - change state of > A >to animate >when object dropped on >the drop targets;

                             - change state of > A >to normal >when object dragged on >rectangle(a rectangle that cover all the slide, it is under all the elements.


How to reproduce the bug: 

1. Drag items on drop targets;

2. Change slide without click submit;

3. Return to slide;

4. All drag items are blocked, i can drag them out of the drop target but they didn't change state, even if i drag them on the big rectangle(where i put the trigger to change the state to normal, tried either with intersect);

5. Click submit and the state will change according to your triggers (i haven't triggers cause i have the "drop incorrect" state).

6. After state changed you can drag again your items.

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Daniel Gavriliuc

Found an workaround:

1. Select the drag item (A) and Edit State

2. Create another state (dropp), same as the animated state

3. Take out of the state the animated item

4. Create a trigger on the animated element: change state of> A > to dropp > when animation completes > entrance

5. Ctrl+x on the animated element --> ctrl+v in the state you want to animate.