Assessing Course Progress with Storyline 2

Hi all,

I have compiled a course in Storyline 2 comprising a number of scenes with each scene being a separate module of the course. After each module I have included a quiz to establish what learners have memorized before moving on.

When publishing though I've notices that I can only track 1 quiz results slide. Is this correct that Storyline can only track results based on 1 quiz? Or is there another way to track learners activities from module to module.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Walt Hamilton

In a case like this, I make each scene its own separate segment of the course. Not only can I fine tune the reporting, but it is much sounder pedagogically. The user has more options in directing their learning, the segments are short enough that the learner isn't abused (by hours of material) or bored, and the learner is never more than 7 or 8 minutes from the end of the segment. All of these are conditions that enhance the possibility of learning, if that is your goal. (I say that knowing that there some "training" courses with legal mandates to subject the victim to a preset number of hours of exposure.)