Assessment Attempts


I am creating assessment in storyline using question bank. There will be 7 pools of question bank, each includes 4 questions. In the final assessment, I have to show only 5 questions but it should not include questions from the same pool. There will be 3 attempts if user will not pass the assessment.

Now i have following queries,

1)  Can I show the questions from different pool each time for each attempt?

2)  Can I send "TotalAttempts" variable to LMS?

3)  Storyline provides the retry functionality, is it within the single session or across the LMS attempts?

Please provide me the feedback as soon as possible. Its really urgent.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sheetal, 

It sounds like you'll want to set up the quiz draw to only pull one question from each pool, so that way your 5 questions will be from the 7 different question banks. Additionally, the quiz draw can be set to random and will pull new questions on the retry, although there is the potential that it draws the same question since the banks are fairly small. 

As you'll see here, Storyline doesn't send the value of a variable to an LMS, but you can set it up as a hidden quiz to report on the variable as described here. 

The retry functionality will be within the session, unless you've set the Resume functionality to resume where the user left off - then they'd be able to use the retry functionality in a second session as well.