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Sam Hill

Hi Radha, can you explain why question banks aren't working for you? Drawing questions randomly is what question banks do very well. It might help if you explain what needs are not met and what you are trying to achieve so we can provide the best answer.

There could be ways of selecting a random question, using a navigation that randomly navigated to a slide based on a random number, but it would be good to explore why banks don't work for you first.

Radha Agarwadekar

Thanks Sam for the reply. Totally agree that question bank works well with random question.

However, the project requires other functionality which include this functionality that question bank didn't support

1) User can skip any question by clicking on next button.

2)   There should be “Reset” button which clears the selected options for that particular question.

3)   Most important- There are 25 questions (25 buttons) must be accessible on every question and user can click on that anytime.

So, i skip the question bank option and created the quiz in standard template with supporting all these functionality except randomizing the questions.

Can you help me to draw the questions randomly other than using question banks? Any additional triggers need to add for that?

I hope, now you got my problem with question bank. Thank again!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Radha,

Thank you for sharing those details with us! I am happy to help provide some clarity around question banks: 

  1. To clarify, do you want users to have the ability to skip a question? If so, you can adjust the slide properties for Question Bank slides to allow navigation controls. You can find more details on this here
  2. An idea that may help is to allow multiple attempts for your questions so learners can retake the question if they answer incorrectly. 
  3. If you do need to reveal the slides on the menu, an approach that may help is to Show the Slide Draw Contents, which can be adjusted from the Player Properties.

If that doesn't quite line up with the design you are after, please let us know! We are happy to help!