Assessment Issue in Storyline360


I'm working on an eLearning with a final assessment. Two of the questions I created are "Multiple Response" graded questions where the learner is supposed to choose three correct answers and the system is supposed display a trap message if the learner did not choose three answers . The Assessment works well the first time you complete the assessment but if you try to retake the same assessment a second time, the Multiple Response questions keeps showing the trap message even though I already chose three options. (Attached is a copy of the Assessment scene for your reference)

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Den Miden

Hi Roesel,

Try with setting your Q1 nad Q2 variables to 0 when the timelines starts. When you retake the same assesment the value of both variables is retained from the first attempt. If it was 3 after the first attempt, it will start at 3 a second time, and ends up at 6 when you choose three options again. Hope this helps.