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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kim

for the last object you have a text box sitting below the stage that is appearing in the selected state - should that be there? - if not delete it and it should allow the selected state to show as expected.

Also, you say to click on the image but it's actually the coloured block behind the image that is returning the selected state - means if the user clicks the image nothing will happen.  I would change it so the top box changes when the user clicks the image not the background.

This is what I mean - the selected state of the image 

Crystal Horn

Hey Kim.  Thanks for sharing your file - I can see what's happening.  Your states are changing, but because of the order in which the rectangles appear on the timeline, you can't always see the new state.  When I change the order on the timeline to this:

...all of the states change and are visible if I click on the rectangles from left to right.  If I try to click back to previous rectangles, however, I can't see relevant information.  Rectangle 5 will always be on top of Rectangle 2, and that includes states.

It will be a better setup for the learner if you use layers instead of state changes to show the information for each tab.  That way, they can click in any order and always see the correct information.

Simply create a layer for each tab, and copy the Selected state objects to each layer.  You'll need a trigger to show the layer when the user clicks on each rectangle.

I hope that helps!