Assessment Question number error in Storyline 2


I have some problems with the Assessment area.

Problem 1: Showing the correct Question number after learner click on the review button. I have no issue with Storyline 1. But somehow in Storyline 2, it doesn't seem to read the trigger "Add +1 to %Page% when user click Next" in slide master.

Problem 2:  When I click retry assessment, it added + 1 to %Page% instead of %Page% EQUALS to 1.

Problem 3: I have this "Select" instruction which must be bold in red. Somehow the bullet in front of it follows the red colour which is suppose to be black. How can I avoid this?

I have uploaded a dummy file here. Any alternative ways are welcome. My concerns are only the following:

  • My questions are random in appearance from question bank
  • Show correct Question number when user accessing questions and also when click back and next during review.


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Giovanna Allegretti

Hi! I found the answer here in this old thread

Attached is your file again, but my own fixed version. 

Below are screenshots of what I changed. 

  • First, I went to the Slide Master and got rid of the trigger that was telling the "next" button to add 1 to the page variable (because it was going to cause the page numbers to go up twice if I didn't... you'll see what I mean later...).

I also changed the trigger for the "previous" button so that it subtracted 2 from the Page variable. 

Subtract two for Previous


  • Then, I went to the 1.1 Intro Slide and told it to assign the page variable a value of 0 each time the timeline starts. 

page var to zero


  • Next, I went to 1.3 Results Slide and told each button ("Retry Quiz" and "Review Quiz") to ALSO assign the Page variable a value of 0 when clicked.

Clicking the buttons does it too!


  • And finally (remember, we deleted it from the Slide Master before) I went to each individual question page and made a trigger to Add 1 to Page whenever the timeline starts.

Make sure to do this for EACH quiz page.

Add one PER quiz page



I hope that helps! This was a tricky one. :)