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I've created a purely assessment based course on Storyline and half way through the course, the questions branch off to be role based (e.g. if you're a health visitor answer these quetions, if you're a school nurse, answer these questions) then after they've branched off, they then carry on and answer the same questions again at the end.

What I'd like to know is what is the best way of doing this so that if the user answers all their questions specific to their role, but not the other questions that are not relevant to their role, will this impact on their final score? Do I need to put the role based questions on a different scene and get them to branch off and then back again, or does it all need to be within the same scene. What I want to avoid is the user not getting points for answering questions that they haven't been directed to answer.

Thank you




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tanya

I would have a scene for each role with a result slide at the end, followed by another result slide that takes the 'combined points of those slides'.  Then branch them to the scene with the 'common' questions which has a result slide at the end, add a final result slide that combines the 'combined points results and the common question results.   See screenshots.  I think that would work.



Tanya  Deacon

Thank you very much for this Wendy, it makes sense and I'll give it a go, just a quick question though, I think I remember reading somewhere that the user has to visit all results slides for the final score to be recorded on an LMS - is this correct and if so, will the above still work? Thanks


Wendy Farmer

hmm...I haven't heard that one sorry. Maybe someone else can chime in here.

When you select your reporting and tracking as per the screenshot above you would be selecting the combined result slides both times - so theoretically it should work.

I would do a small sample test of the above upload to Scormcloud and see if it works...happy to help you test if you need someone