Assessment Redirection

Is there a way to direct learners back to a specific screen(s) when they miss a particular question on an assessment…and then ask ONLY the question the learner missed again, in Storyline?

We have a very large project requesting, Testing/quizzes must be passed at 100%. If not, the learner should automatically be returned to the section of the program pertaining to the question missed. The learner must retake the question and answer it correctly to reach a score of 100% before receiving a certificate of completion.

This customer does not want the learner to retake the entire assessment.



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Kevin Dixon

It is possible to do what your asking how ever not with using a quiz. I had a customer that wanted the same thing, what I ended up doing was making slides that looked like quiz questions with buttons as the answers. when they got it wrong it went to a feedback slide that explained why it was wrong and when they clicked continue it went back to the question slide. If they got it right it just continued on. It is as had to follow as my explanation I know. I could draw you a flow chart if you need it. Only problem whit this method is it is not a graded quiz so there is no way for the LMS to track. you have to put a certificate at the end that the user prints out to show they finished.