Assessment Scoring Issue

For the majority of our company's courses, the trainee is required to get 100% of the questions correct. Also, the majority of the courses test periodically throughout the course rather than having one final exam.

For those courses that are 100% pass, our management mandates that, should a trainee answer a question incorrectly (after the allotted number of tries), the question will be marked incorrect, a fail score will be submitted, and the trainee will be "bailed out" or exited from the course.

We've just been working with Storyline 2 for a few months, but have been unable to find a way within the software to make this work. All of our attempts have lead to an "Incomplete" result rather than a "Fail" result.

I've attached a practice course which illustrates our attempt at that particular functionality, and a flowchart that details the course scoring process that we employ.

The first answer I need is: Can this be done within the confines of Storyline 2? If so, would we need to employ one of the "Execute JavaScript" triggers? Any suggestions would be very welcome.  Thanks!

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Daniel Servan

I think this can be done in a scorm api wrapper.
Last time when I am using Flash as an authoring Tool, I will just play around at the scorm wrapper and find the line like this below.




//Both SCORM 1.2 and 2004
case "not attempted": pipwerks.SCORM.status("set", "incomplete"); break;

//SCORM 2004 only
case "unknown" : pipwerks.SCORM.status("set", "incomplete"); break;

//Additional options, presented here in case you'd like to use them
//case "completed" : break;
//case "incomplete" : break;
//case "passed" : break; //SCORM 1.2 only
//case "failed" : break; //SCORM 1.2 only
//case "browsed" : break; //SCORM 1.2 only






Daniel Servan

Hi Robert,

I think this can't be done inside Storyline. The LMS Completion status can be set in LMS or the Scorm Wrapper. Basically, when you attempt a quiz without submitting a score, the LMS will fire an Incomplete status else it will set as Fail or Pass.

See this screen below if you have set the correct option.