Assessment Total Score Results

I am creating an assessment with several categories and results.  Each question is answered on a 4 point scale. a = 4, b = 3, c = 2, d = 1

I have a question on how the result % is calculated when you chose "Calculate results for: Selected results slides".  Does it give an average of each of the results slides or does it average all of the questions?  

Example: Section 1 (4 questions) 75%, Section 2 (2 questions) 100%, Section 3 (6 questions) 50% will the Total = 75% or the average of the % or will it equal 67% the average of all the individual answers?

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, if you select what you have in your attached image, the user has to pass each quiz that you have checked based on their set %'s you mentioned above in order to Pass and get Completion sent to the LMS.

If you select the other option, Combine points, then it will combine scores on all your quiz results slides and you can set a score there.

This article explains as well: