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Crystal Horn

Hi Judy!  When your learners take your course, they'll do so individually, and Storyline will report, for each instance the course is open, the completion and score of that assessment to a learning management system.

Are you going to host your course in a learning management system?  If so, I would look into options with the LMS for aggregating user activity.

You can also check out Articulate Online, our solution to easily host and track your courses.  Articulate Online gives you a variety of reports that you can run, plus the option to customize your own!

Judy Kendrick

Thank you so much for your reply. At this point our trainers are using Google Docs to track assessment trends to see what questions are missed the most so that we can reevaluate our training to make sure we cover the missed points. I knew that Articulate would give individual feedback but we were looking for more.

Thanks for your advice to check out Articulate Online.