Assessments in Storyline

We built an assessment in Storyline, and set it (in Storyline) to report to the LM as passed/failed; passing =%70 or above.  When a learner takes it and gets over 70%, the course score appears in their transcript with the actual achieved score (e.g., 80%).  However, if they score anything less than 70%, it's showing up as 0%.  Any idea if we can tweak settings so that the actual score shows even if they don't pass?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mattie,

Thanks for your question! I would expect the learner's actual score to appear in your LMS, no matter if they passed or failed the quiz.

Have you tested it in another environment to compare the behavior? SCORM Cloud is a handy tool for this kind of testing. I'd be happy to help you test, if you'd like. Simply attach your unpublished file here, and I'll take care of the rest!