Assigning a web-object

I am attempting to embed a YouTube video by inserting a web-object and then I would like to write a trigger that says to jump to next slide when media stops. But when I try to find the media in the trigger, it says unassigned. I see that this trigger will work if I do an insert-->Video-->video from website. But inserting the video that way results in a device not supported error from YouTube.

I would prefer not to drag the frames out on the timeline to match the length of the video, because if the user pauses the video, the timeline continues to play and the video would be cut off.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Thank you!!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Denise -- Here is some additional information on how YouTube Videos Aren't Working in Published Output. You could consider expanding the timeline or you could also put a transparent item on top of the web object to prevent the user from pausing the video. Perhaps some community members can chime in with additional suggestions! 

Ianitza Vassileva

Hi, I also want to know how to do this. Has there been a solution found yet? I don't want to put a transparent box over top because i want learners to be able to go to different sections of the video if they want to. 

There is a parameter you can set so the youtube video webobject plays automatically, but I also want a parameter so that when the youtube video ends, the slide automatically jumps to the next slide.