Assistance with Final Results Slide Not Appearing

Jun 18, 2019


I am using Storyline 360 for my tutorial here:

With the current version of Storyline (I ran updates today, 6/18/19) I cannot get my final Results Slide to appear. In my LMS, SCORM Cloud, and the Preview in Storyline, my tutorial just thinks eternally on slide 4.17, the slide before my REsults Slide. 

To troubleshoot I:

  • rebuilt the final slide in case of corrupt items
  • checked my Javascript triggers but these work on my other version and follow Storyline best practices
  • Deleted individual triggers to if one was holding up the slide loading

Any ideas?

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Randy Hill

So I just briefly took a look at your story file, I can look at it more in depth later. So are you only allowing the user to go to the results slide when a variable is above 75? Just making sure I have that correct. I noticed that you are using less than and greater then but no equal to. Is it possible that your variable is 75 and that is why it won't go? Maybe place a call out to the variable on the previous slide so you can see what value it is holding prior to trying to go to the results slide? 

Like I said, I can look at it more later.

Aisha Gaten

Hi Randy Hill,

Thanks for taking a look. Yes, the idea is to prompt users to complete the section if they have less than 75% completed using a layer. That slide loads fine...however my results slide doesn't seem to appear.

I'm currently experimenting with the triggers to see if that is causing the issue (but deleting them doesn't do anything).

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