At the end of my rope.

Ive posted on this problem before, but when I installed a Bootcamp partition on the Mac and installed storyline, I didnt have the problem anymore. (However every single time i booted storyline up, Id pray to the gods of design that nothing should occur. Here i am now with a deadline looming over my head and storyline REFUSES to preview ANY of my files. I dont want to have to reinstall windows to not have this problem. the only work-around is to import the slides into a new unsaved file. However, the moment I close storyline and open up the file the problem presents itself, yet again.

The worst part of this problem isnt the fact that files that were just fine now arent, when I share the files that I open, its like it imparts some sort of bug to ALL of the files I open, because when I share them, they have the same problems in other computers-it wont preview.

I like storyline, and Ive done some severe work with it, but this constant back and forth with bugs and stuff is fraying my nerve endings. I feel like trashing it and moving on to captivate or something.. X(

No I dont save my stuff to a network drive, yes its saved directly to C drive and re-install of storyline does not fix it. i know its not your fault (forum) andf I'm on the verge of having a really bad day.



P.S. Ive added a file with the "bug". Maybe you guys can look into its guts and find what is causing me to go to the dark side.. XD

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Jason Johnson

So, it sounds like you have a Windows VM session running on a partition of your Mac, right? Just curious, have you talked to your IT dept to determine if it's not an issue related to that? Is there any way you can work directly on a Windows machine for the remainder of the project? My understanding is that Storyline for Mac doesn't work and maybe that's causing some underlying issues.

Shifting gears, I opened your file and the issue seems to be stemming from the custom player you are using. It won't let me preview, publish, or change/view the player settings--like it can't find a file it needs or something. I think this is the source of your issue now that I look. When I publish, it fails silently and leaves a "Temp" folder in there where the "guts" should be. Do you think it's possible your player is in a place where SL can't read it? Try looking into the settings for where the player source files live and maybe move your files accordingly--I'd talk to SL tech support or search the forums & FAQs for more technical insight on where they should be loading from. That's about all I can offer now, but I hope it helps!

Mike Enders


Sorry to hear about the frustrating experience.  Have you filed a support ticket so our team can take a look?  I haven't run Storyline in Bootcamp before, so I'm not sure what the cause might be.  Our support team may be able to help you solve it.



Kimberly Valliere

Wow, you and I are having the same bad day regarding ALMOST the same issue, except mine is with regards to my publishing screwing up every time I log off of Windows I presume. I haven't established the pattern yet, but I've had to redo all of my courses at least 3-4 times with a completely new file (add back in the master file, fix the feedback layouts and change the player) and I've just about lost my mind because one I JUST fixed yesterday will NOT publish to an LMS.

I'm running Storyline through Parallels.

I did have the issue of not saving the file locally at first and I was versioning, but I stopped and the problem has followed tenfold. Redoing every course each time I need to publish to the LMS while in the draft phase is a nightmare. Please don't make me use Captivate after I've already created 6 great modules!