Att'n: Dave

Dec 15, 2021

Dave, I just really want to thank you for the webinars.  So very well done!

I signed up for several of them, but after I was unable to attend one discovered they are all recorded and available On Demand (yeah, I'm a little slow) which provides the ability to pause and/or go back a bit to view something and practice it in one of my own Stories.   And I have to do that a lot, because of the large amount of useful info.   So this is also an apology for any inconvenience my absence may have caused.



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David Anderson

Hey Pablo, thanks for your feedback on the webinars. And no worries about taking extra time to go through the on-demand sessions. We try to pack the sessions with a lot of content, knowing the recordings are where folks can really dig in and go at their own pace.

Now, regarding your missed sessions. I should mention that after three unexcused absences... Just joking:-) Many people register for live sessions only to receive follow-up emails with links to the resource page.

Don't worry if you can't attend live. The on-demand recordings are the same content. The only difference is you can't ask questions in the live session. But you can ask all you want afterward here in the forums.

Pablo Miller

HaHa, you did scare me for a sec!
Thanks Dave.

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