attach audio clips to captions (for screen recording)?

Apr 01, 2016

Hi there. I'm just getting started with the screen recording functionality. I am creating a simulation using the step-by-step approach. When I used to use Captivate for screen recording, I would record an audio clip for each text caption, and attach it to the caption. That way each audio clip played when the associated caption appeared, and I did not have to synchronize one long audio file with multiple captions. Is there anyway to achieve something similar with Storyline 2?

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Wendy J

Thanks so much Walt and Ashley. I think I did not do a good job of asking my question. What I was wondering was if there was a way to attach audio clips to other objects, such as captions, rather than have them as a separate object on the timeline. That way, if I move the captions, the audio would move with it. However, I can just create audio clips and align them on the timeline with the captions.

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