Attached PDF does NOTopen in HTML but DOES so in HTML5 output!


I have attached some PDFs to the onscreen elements in Storyline, clicking which, the file should open in a new window.

I published the output for Web and LMS, but the PDF does not open on clicking these elements. (It does exist in the folder, but somehow is not getting pulled by the trigger)

I included the HTML5 output, and it worked in this. However, all the animations and the customized Player colours were lost :(.

How do i make this work in a normal HTML output? The color codes used on the player are as per the standard defined for the template, and hence i need to have them. The HTML5 output is coming out very flat and non-engaging, but serves one of the important purposes of opening PDFs on clicking the elements.

Please help!

PS: I'm using the trial version! Could it be because of this?



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