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Wendy Farmer

Hi Terry


you should be working locally with storyline and have all the assets in your project loaded on your local drive as well...by that I mean, pdf's, videos, images etc...when you publish your story file all the files are all bundled in the storyline output folder.  Expand the story_content folder to see the external_ files will appear in the folder as shown below.  If you are in doubt...do a test story with a couple of slides and a link to a pdf, publish it and then load onto a webserver to test.

Terry Coe

I am still not able to access my .pdf files outside of my computer. When the published version runs on my computer, it runs flawlessly. But when i run on any other machine the published version is looking for a path in my computer to find the file, even though it isn't running on my computer and fails. Any other suggestions?

Terry Coe


I am publishing to CD format. Due to the difficulty of this, I had used hyperlinks to an internal intranet site, and it worked perfectly, as long as the computer running it was on the intranet. But because the person I am having review this project is external, I had to switch it back to the .pdf format.

Unfortunately, it seems that I cannot get the publisher to envelope the pdf inside the published course. It still looks for the path to the .pdf that i entered. That is what I am having trouble with. How do I get the .pdf to envelope into the published course so that it refers to the DVD instead of a path?

Terry Coe

When I actually burn to a DVD, two odd things happen.

1. If I run the course using the Articulate launch button, Internet explorer crashes every time I access the resources or link buttons outside the network.

2. If I run the IE version of the course, the resources tab works perfectly, but the linked buttons give me an error screen, which I have attached. Is this an option I can click on in the player to fix this error?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Terry, 

So everything works normally when you view the publish to CD version on your own system or other computers within your network? As Leslie mentioned that error message is typically only seen when trying to access a link/part of the course that needs internet access and while viewing a course that was published for web or when previewing a course that is linking to external content.  

Terry Coe

yes, i was publishing to my hard drive before burning to a disk. i set it up in the tempshare this morning before i noticed the issues.

unfortunately it refers to washingtion state internal policies, so i cant share it outside state government.

i opened the disk before i started typing this to refer to the slides that were having trouble, and all of the links work now... I dont understand the glitch....