Attempt issue with drag/drop question

Hi Community

in SL2, I have a quiz with a attempt number = 3 for all questions. So after 3 wrong attempts, the Wrong Feedback layer must be displayed.

It works fine, except for the drap/drop questions : the wrong Feedback layer is displayed after 2 wrong attempts.

Is there any known issue with SL2 ?

Any help to solve it ?







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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Rick. I haven't heard other reports of this, but I'm glad you brought it to our attention!

Happy to work closely with you to sort what's happening there. First, would you be willing to share your .story file? That way, I can test your setup to see if we need to take action on a new bug.  

Looking forward to helping!

Ricky Nox

Hi Alyssa,

you right !

But it's stange. In the first version of the quiz I put a custom "Validate" button with the trigger on all questions. Then I removed the button on all slides and normallly the trigger should have been removed after deleting the object. Am I right ? I think a bad operation occured on this slide, for the others the trigger was deleted. 

But know, how to remove this unsigned trigger ? I cannot use the delete button even if I change the trigger properties. It seems to be a "ghost" trigger. What is the magic spell ?