Attempts are not calculating in Storyline 2 when we are publishing in SCORM 2004(4th edition)

Hello All,

We are facing one issue with SCORM 2004 in Storyline2, when we are publishing the course using SCORM 2004, the attempts are not calculating properly, even if the learner attempts 2nd time, its showing no of attempts as '1'.

 Please help to overcome this issue, any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Please find the image for quick reference of reporting page. This report is appearing when we attempted the course for 2nd time.


krishna Reddy

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Phil Mayor

That looks like moodle which doesn't support scorm 2004.  Sounds like your course is either opening in review mode or you are opening the same attempt.  On your screen for a second a attempt the user must check  the start new attempt box before pressing enter.  You can set it in the scorm settings to force new attempt, but this may only work with 1.2 courses.