Attempts causing unenrollment


I recently made a quiz and the challenge was that it should lock after 3 failed attempts. For this i used this manual i found here.

So far so good. Next Challenge. The LMS (ilearning Plus) that my customer uses should somehow know that the learner has used up 3 attempts (or fails) so the user could be unenrolled from the course (and re-purchase enrollment again).

How should i set this up in Storyline 360?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Peter,

I'd look at what options your LMS has for tracking attempts and resetting a learners access to the course. If you've prevented the learner from continuing to take a quiz based on the variable attempt you could look at sending them to a results slide where they'd be told to close out of the course.

Any reset of the LMS or re-enrollment will have to be done within the LMS environment. 

Peter van der Slikke

Thanks, that's exactly what i did. Course locks after 3 attempts by showing the learner the layer called 'locked' on my resultslide (same slide as passed/failed).

The admins of the LMS are diving into their part now.

Challenge narrows down to: If the learner re-purchases the same course, it's still locked. 

The scorm file has no way to distinguish if a course is re-visited or re-enrolled right?

Thanks again,



Peter van der Slikke

To make it more simple for the LMS i did this:

Result slide - passed layer: Added completion trigger (passed)
Result slide - failed layer: attempt variable +1 (at 3 produce the locked layer)
Result slide - locked layer: Added completion trigger (failed)

Hope this helps for the LMS to determine to unroll easier...keep you posted.