attest-an assessment engine!

hi there,

my trial version will end tomorrow and alas! i will not be contributing more to this forum. I can not buy it due to shortage of funds and will see some time in future to try again its trial version.

so,  here is the last but not the least project that I have just completed named "attest".

attest is an assessment engine specially thought to provide stream line interaction with studies and testing.

I just thought it this way,  and surely , there will be more components. if you liked my effort and have suggestions, you are welcome.

i have written it with speed of light due to ending of trial version. Hope it will work as expected.


  • ·   a tool - designed for e-learning!
  • ·   supports all kinds of mock exams.
  • ·   unlimited and random questions.
  • ·   can be used for with certification.
  • ·   Just a plug  and play tool. and above all 
  • ·   a complete template.

I will miss this community and storyline that changed very line of my story in e-learning! 

Thanks to all of you till we meet some where again in eternity.

Prof. Nanda

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