I am assigned the task of adding an attestation document to Learn Source for our staff to "attest to" that they have (once per year) read and are adhering to regulatory requirements. I was given access to Articulate to use to create this Attestation, to then post to our Learn Source. Is it possible to JUST create an attestation page without creating a quiz or a course? Where is the best place to create this...keeping in mind I have yet to use Articulate. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darla, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! We're glad you're here. 😀

I took a look and didn't see that you were using Articulate 360, so I suspect you're using Storyline 3? 

You could create a simple "attestation" page that requests a learner click on a button, and then send them to another "Thank you" close the course page. I'd look at tracking completion by slides viewed, and set it to 2 out of 2 slides. 

This article has a ton of more info on how to send completion and success statuses to your LMS, so it may be helpful to take a read through that.