Attestation True False ending the one line training


I am using a true false question at the end of a series of training modules to have the user sign that they have read and understand the material presented.  In the LMS I want this to end the course.  If the user closes the training it will show as complete but I cannot figure out how to make it happen automatically.

Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

There is a trigger option to "Exit course" and you could set it to when the user clicks "Submit" for the question. If you need to see results of this T/F as a quiz though you'll still need to include a results slide and you could set the trigger on that slide to close the course associated with your own custom button. If you'd like it to be more automated you could also set the trigger to "exit course" when the timeline ends, and if that is the case I would put it on a slide after the T/F with a very short timeline and maybe a Thank you message - just so that the user has plenty of time to answer the T/F.