Audacity files volume issue

Oct 09, 2013

I have an excellent external developer who is doing a quick turnaround ppt. conversion course.  he is create voice over wav files with Audacity.  I am editing the source file and can not hear the v. o audio.  I publish and load in LMS dev and still cannot hear the audio.  he runs the file from his computer and we can hear it over the phone clear as a bell. We have tried on three computers over hear.  Any suggestions?

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Matthew Graham

If you've tried it on several other computers and the sound is still off, it is likely off on his end somewhere.  He should check his own sound settings (his Audacity publish settings, computer sound settings).  You could also ask for the Audacity file and quickly check it out on your comp (Audacity is free and installs quickly). Or, have him make a file that is too loud on his computer and see what it does on yours.

Bob S


Do I understand you to say you have the WAV/MP3 file and you can't hear it on your PCs? 

If that's the case, Matthews is probably right. But I'm thinking that perhaps you can't hear it in the Articulate package that was sent over.... if that's the case, it may be a different issue. That file may have been packaged/attached incorrectly.

Try getting the stand alone audio source file and see if it plays locally. If it does, try reinserting into Articulate locally. It may be a simple file association issue.

Hope this helps,


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