Audacity-generated files not recognized by Storyline 2

The narration I have been recording in Audacity is not recognized by Storyline 2 when I attempt to insert audio files. This is true for files that are either .mp3  or .wav files.

The error message I receive states "An error occurred while importing this file. [filname].mp3 does not appear to be a supported audio format."

The files play as intended when opened in a media player such as Windows Media Player.

The bit rate on these files is 128 kbs . (Should they be set to some other rate?)

Is there a setting in Storyline 2 I have overlooked? Or is this a glitch with Storyline 2?

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Bruce DeViller

After addressing the elements identified in the above comments (thanks!), I find the problem still persists.

Some animation and audio files play in the published module; some just don't.

In some slides the animations play (Seekbar moves fluidly), but audio is not heard

In other slides the animation won't play, and when I click the Play button, the Seekbar progresses in chunks, and still no audio is heard. 

The inconsistency is what is most frustrating. The audio files are all outputs from the same master file in Audacity, so settings are identical  (seemingly). And they are clips with durations between 20 seconds and 2 minutes.

Bruce DeViller

Thanks for the offer, but due to individuals appearing in video clips there are privacy-related issues with sharing the content outside of the target audience.

However! The stars (mostly) aligned today, and those audio problems have gone away (I am not sure what I did, if anything, to fix this., but I am not complaining)

My new problem is figuring out why in one part of the published program the slide advances past two slides when I click the Next button, even though I did not set any triggers to do that.