Audacity - Unable to Importing MP3 Audio Files

Hi, I have installed the Audacity Software to edit the audio for my e-learning course building in the storyline 360. I found the file is on my computer but when I am trying to import it into the Audacity software, it does not show any audio file to import. I was wondering if anyone experienced a similar issue and can advise. 

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Umesh Jain

Thanks, Tom for sharing the quick video. This is a really good video and I learned something out of it. However, I do not even any folder or files when I select the Import option in the Audacity. I have attached 2 screenshots one in the Audacity and another with the files on my desktop. Would you have any clue why it happening to me in Audacity? Kindly advise. Thanks Again!

Tom Kuhlmann

That's weird. I'm not sure why no folders or other files are showing. My first thought would be to make sure you're in the right desktop (for example if you have different users in your system).

What happens if you're in Audacity and in that view create a new folder on the desktop?

You can always open Audacity and then drag a file over to it.