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Kevin Thorn

Hi Amy,

The small red "Close" button associated with a Lightbox slide is not accessible to add triggers currently. Of which it would be simple to add a Play Media trigger to that button.

There are two ways you can approach this:

1. Create a pseudo lightbox using a Layer. Design it to look/feel like a Ligthbox slide and add your own "Close" button. This will give you complete control and you can add a Play Media trigger to that button. Keep in mind this approach only uses the actual slide stage area unlike the true lightbox that fades out the entire player shell including the sidebar menu.

2. Use variables.

  • Create a T/F variable and give it a name such as "PlayMedia" and set the default value to False. 
  • Add a trigger to your lightbox slide > "Adjust Variable 'PlayMedia' to True when Timeline ."
  • On the slide the user linked from to get to the Lightbox slide add a Player Trigger "Play Media (.mp3 or .wav file) when Timeline starts IF 'PlayMedia' (variable) is equal to True. "

Hope that helps.