Audio and cue points


I have a slide with 5 different audios, which i want them to play in order, so i thought that cue points would be the best way to do that. For example: audio 1 starts when timeline gets to cue point 1, and so over. But actually all audios are playing at the same time. Any ideas on how to solve this? I'll be very grateful with your help!

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Daniela Perez

I've dragged the audio and placing it at a different time in the timeline,
but it doesn't move vissually, and all the audios remain at the beggining
of the timeline. Then I thought with the cue points it would be solved, but
they don't move either, and when i play them all start playing at the same
time. I also used triggers, so the audio starts when the timeline gets to a
specifit time (e.g. 6 seconds), but didn't work either.