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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Adena,

What type of audio and animations are you working with? Is the audio on the main slide, or is it in a layer? 

If the audio is on the main layer and you're able to see the timeline, can you tell if the timeline is extended by the 1.5 seconds? If so, can you click and drag the end of the timeline so it doesn't include this time? Or if it's not starting when you'd like it to, can you pull it to the start of the timeline?

It may be easier if we can see a slide with your content. Are you able to post a .STORY file with the slide, so I (or others) can take a look? You're also welcome to send it over to us privately.

Adena Wilson

Hi Christine,

The audio is on both main slides and layers and the same thing seems to happen on both. The audio is recorded from a mic using the Storyline recording capability. The animations are mostly images that come and go with the audio.

It seems to be happening throughout my course, not just on one slide. So I looked at a few slide and there is no extra time at the beginning or end of the audio for adjustments.

I will try to send the entire file privately. So if that works, try looking at slides in Scene 6 or  Scene 8.