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Dec 07, 2012

I have several modules built. When we test them on iPad, the connection can lag. The slide's timeline will start even though the audio isn't playing. The audio does eventually play, but what is happening is that the timeline is now ahead and once it finishes, the audio also stops playing regardless if it has reach the end of the clip or not.

Is there a way to either bind the two, make the screen buffer before playing, or make the sound continue even if the progress bar ends? Has anyone come up with a workaround? This is a VERY important issue for me to resolve.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chris,

No problem on the delay, I was out for the weekend as well. 

Thanks for the clarification, I wasn't sure what method you were using to view the content. Please keep in mind that the best practice for viewing Storyline content on the iPad, is through the Articulate Mobile Player. There may be issues when viewing with Safari. You could publish to the mobile player, just for testing, and see if you run into the same issues.

If it doesn't occur in the mobile player, you might want to check to see if Safari is set to Private Browsing. Sometimes, if this option is enabled in the browser, it can cause issues (like the lag you're experiencing) when viewing content. This article has more information on the topic. 

If this occurs in both Articulate Mobile Player and Safari, we may need to take a closer look

Thanks again, Chris. I hope you had a great weekend!


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