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Some questions around mainly audio but also video compression. We are currently developing storylines with graphcis and VO layers on most slides and some embedded videos from Kaltura on other slides. The problem lies in what I think is the compression storyline uses for audio. The original audio files (for the most part mp3s) sound fine while when exported from storyline there is notable lossy compression where the ss and ffs are more pronounced and the VO sounds more metallic. I have looked up audio tools here:

but other than selecting highest audio bitrate and higher quality for videos when publishing I couldn't find anything to do with compression in storyline 1. Of course the audio editor with some controls is also only available when inserting videos directly into storyline but not for the embedded videos. Therefore I was wondering if there are some controls around compression in storyline 1 and if not then in storyline2? Are there any other ways of controlling the quality of audio/video in storyline.

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Christina Skeoch

There doesn't see to be a "no compress" or "do not re-compress" option for audio or video. The only option to influence audio and video quality is in the link (the publishing dialog box) provided above. See also attachment:

Videos don't get compression options - is this new in storyline2 or am I missing something? There are no compression options in video editor for inserted videos:

and there is no video editor for embedded videos:

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christina and welcome to Heroes!

The option to not have the video's compressed is a feature in Storyline 2 -You can turn off compression altogether forMP4 videos created with baseline, main, or high profiles. (All other videos will be compressed automatically),and based on your images it looks like you're in Storyline 1.

If the video was embedded from a website, you won't be able to edit it. For more information on editing videos, please review this tutorial.

Christina Skeoch

Thank you for this information. I still would need to know though how to avoid compression for the audio in storyline. These are Voice Overs that are laid onto a layer in storyline. Is there any other recommendable procedure (in both storyline 1 and 2) other than choosing the highest bitrate as displayed in screenshot above (publishing dialog box)?

Many thanks