Audio and Video Files not playing properly

When I publish my SL3 file and play on webpage I am experiencing the following issue:

To play audio files in the presentation I will need to use the url that ends with story_html5.html. To play videos in the presentation you will need to use the url that ends with story_flash.html. Look at the examples below regarding the same course but I have to keep changing the webpage.html name depending on what content is on the slide.

 Week 3 Day 4 (all video files will work but some audio files may be cut short) story_flash.html

 Week 3 Day 4 (all audio files will work, but the embedded videos may not play properly) story_html5.html

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

Can you confirm which output you're using when publishing? Also, which browser are you using to view the Storyline project?

It sounds like people in our community have run into audio/video files not playing on specific browsers, such as Chrome 66 and IE 9. Here are our system requirements for Storyline 3.

It seems like most people who are using HTML5 with the newest version of their browser are not running into media issues. I wasn't able to access your file, but I'm happy to take a look. You can do that by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. If you prefer to share the file privately, you can use this link for our Support Engineers to take a look.