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Greg Friese

Thanks Justin. 

I am working on a demo where the video is paused each time a button appears. The button has a trigger to a slide with a review question - to get at the retention issue you point out. Thus the video pauses every 5 minutes and the user is shown a button to answer a review question, after answering the question they are taken back to the slide with the video. Now I am trying to figure out how to get the video to automatically resume when they return to the slide. 

Gerry Wasiluk

Well, one way is with multiple slides and the same video--just add to your first slide and then reapply it in a new slide--or just duplicate your first slide.  Just set a different start and end point for each video segment.  At the end of each segment, have the button appear using the timeline.

You could design this all to look like one slide to the learner.  Then, if using the slide menu, you delete all the extra slides you used from appearing so only the first segment with the video was in the menu.

Pretty easy I would think . . .

The beauty of this is that Storyline is smart enough to publish out your video snippets as separate files.  Makes downloading and preloading better.

Steve Lee

Now that's what I'm talking about for a support forum! Thanks everyone.

Yep, I'm a big one for small segments of audio and video, and have usually created listenings in my language courses so as to keep attention high. Just recently some learners were really interested in longer pieces and the challenge it afforded. And I'm a big fan of learner input, so I thought I'd check on audio length.

Thanks for the replies. It's great to see a question spin off into a very useful area. 

Sincerely hope my bosses purchase storyline, I'm seriously wanting to give it a good try for longer than 30 days. 


Johnnie Mae Jones

Hi - I have a Captivate video that is approximately 10 minutes with audio.  After about 3 minutes the audio drops out but the demo continues.  Any suggestions oh how to keep the audio from dropping out.  It also drops out later in the demo after about 7 minutes.

Thanks in advance for your help.