audio and video not streaming correctly for end user

Hi world,

Every now and again I keep getting technical issues like these...

"I watched the  VB and it was great but after the sequenced method I lost all audio and visually only the titles were showing for each section.  Don’t know what happened." or

"Really like this one too.  The Blue Question marks and ability to be shown the correct sequence will be good for initial learners.  However, I lost sound right after the "negative statement video" on.  The Why? page went blank on me until I went back and came forward again.  I checked out Pattern 4 and 5 to see if sound came back, and it did not."

Hmmmm.  What can I do to fix this?  For some it runs without a glitch and then others experience issues. 

The good news is people are really liking these trainings, but this complaint is popping up too much to be ignored.

Thanks much- Kara

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