Audio and Video out of sync when using Seekbar

I have a number of different courses where I have recorded video using Storyline. I have then exported the video, converted it to an audio file, edited the audio with Audacity, and then inserted the audio file back into the slide. When I play the video everything works fine until I use the seekbar. If I try to use the seekbar the video jumps to the right part but the audio doesn't jump with the video. The audio just keeps on playing. I'm sure there is an easy solution to this but I'm a new user and don't know what it is. Please help Storyline experts.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shir,

This issue is still with our QA team so I don't have any further information to share at this time.

In regards to what was included in Storyline 2 Update 7, you can always see the latest information here as a part of the release notes.  We do recommend being on the latest update as there are often bug fixes and new features that you'll want to take advantage of even if they are not an issue you ran into yet. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jay,

Thanks for reaching out to us here, and unfortunately I don't have any updates to share at this time. We have shared this thread and other cases or examples with our Quality Assurance team for review and investigation and once I have additional information to share in regards to that we'll certainly update the thread and notifications will go out to all folks who are subscribed. 

The current workaround for this issue is to disable the seekbar on the particular impacted slides or set the seekbar to read only mode in the player properties. 

Kevin Mc

I am adding my voice to this issue.

Working on a really nice interaction based a specific time in a video. Works nicely until you click on the seekbar then everything goes out of sync.

The interaction is based on an exact frame in the video so needs to be 100% in sync.

Forcing HTML5 seems to be a good workaround but this means editing additional files in a SCORM package after publishing, As far as I understand.

The issue seems to be how the seekbar sets the timer for the video and the Storyline timeline.

My Example:

  1. Video plays 
  2. At 5 seconds New Layer gets displayed when the timeline gets to a (off-stage) shape at that time. Trigger is based on that shape having a normal sate
  3. Base layer gets paused
  4. Hiding New Layer resumes main timeline and video.

The issue occurs when you click the seek bar at approximately 3 or 4 seconds, The video is played from the start but the Storyline timeline matches the where you click the seekbar and therefore anything based on the Storyline timeline will now be out of sync with the video.

If you click at the very beginning again, everything syncs up ie Video and Storyline Timeline.

I really hope this gets fixed soon as we intend to do allot of Video based eLearning development this year.

Jay B

Carl, As this has been brought up numerous times in numerous threads (since R1 of Storyline 2 - see the 266 search results for 'video sync' ), over the past three years, I'm highly doubtful this will ever be addressed. Your best bet is to work around all the storyline bugs, or simply switch to a different / alternative product. Support for any real issue (aside from directions for 'how do I...') from this team is seemingly non existant.

Marcela Pineros

Ashley, I understand that you haven't received any new information and are just the messenger. But at this point, it is clearly a major issue with a large and growing group of your customers. What do we need to do to escalate this? Please call in some reinforcements on your end to join this conversation.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marcela,

Thanks for your understanding of that - and I want to assure you that we have shared this with our QA team and the continued comments from users here so that they have a sense of the breath of the impact on customers. I'll continue to share the comments from users such as yourself and Jay above. Our QA team doesn't have a lot of opportunities to respond in the forums, but I have made sure that our Director of Customer Support is aware of the sentiments shared above. 

Bernard Sandler

One wonders if moving this conversation to social media would be a more effective tactic at obtaining some measure of customer service.  It would also be helpful to the wider community of designers to know the limitations of this tool and the lack of desire of Articulate to respond meaningfully to those who work with its programs.

Jennifer Johnston

I was thinking the same thing, Bernard. My interpretation of what I have heard from Articulate on this issue is as follows:

"We'll keep you posted" means "We will reply with the EXACT same response when someone new asks about this problem."

"The QA Team is looking in to it" means "No one here really cares about this issue."


"We can't give a time frame for when it will be resolved" means "We will be adding it the schedule, um, NEVER."

Walt Hamilton


I know this isn't your question, but just a friendly tip concerning:

At 5 seconds New Layer gets displayed when the timeline gets to a (off-stage) shape at that time. Trigger is based on that shape having a normal sate

In SL2, we no longer have to rely on offstage objects to trigger responses. We can show the layer when the timeline reaches either a set time, or a cue time.


Kevin Mc

Hi Walt,

Thanks for the reply. I did see that feature on SL2 and thought great! but when I implemented it, I got mixed results ie sync issues that said, this may be related to the same thing. I must re-visit using timed triggers.

To workaround the sync issue, The solution is to force HTML5 ie rename the "story_html5.html" to "story.html" (or index.html). HTML5 doesn't have the sync issue when scrubbing the timeline
If you accept that Flash is dead (as conceeded by Adobe) then you can go with strictly html5 but I am not sure which version the Articulate App uses on iOS and android. I have a feeling it is flash. :-(

I haven't had a great experience with HTML5 in the Safari browser on iOS. Sluggish performance. Maybe things have improved since I last checked.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all, 

Thanks everyone for your patience.

We have been actively investigating this specific issue for some time now and are now able to share an update on our progress with you.

The sync issue stems from a limitation with the way Flash handles video. It is only possible to sync playback to the nearest video keyframe. Keyframes may occur multiple times per second, but in some videos it may be several seconds between keyframes. If the seek bar is moved to a position that does not correspond to a keyframe, the timeline will play from the precise position selected but video will only play back from the nearest keyframe, causing the sync issues described above.

The Storyline team is working on a fix which is currently slated to be included in the next update for Storyline 2. The fix works around the Flash limitation described above by limiting seeking during video playback in Flash to positions that line up with the video’s keyframes. We will share further information on timing for the update (which addresses several other customer-reported issues as well) on this thread once it has gone through our usual testing process.

In closing, I wanted to assure everyone that we closely monitor these discussions and take the issues you report incredibly seriously. The seven major updates we’ve shipped for Storyline 2 since its initial release have addressed a long list of customer-reported issues at no cost to our customers. You have our commitment that we will continue to actively evaluate and fix reported issues for the lifetime of the product.