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Phil Mayor

the is dependant on how you insert the audio, if you insert it onto a slide then it will auto play.  To have control of the audio you must insert via a play media trigger choose your audio and set a event for when the audio should start.

Otherwise if the audio is already on the slide just open a blank layer and set it to pause the timeline of the baselayer and close it when you want the audio start

Benny Kurniawan

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your reply. I am inserting the audio directly to the slide. I have tried your suggestion on using the Play Media Trigger, and it works. Though it is not what I wanted. The thing is that once you have assets on the Slide, you cannot use the scrubber to scrub the audio anymore. And I would like to allow the user to use the scrubber to scrub the audio. The user will also be able to tell where they left off. Any suggestions on how can I achieve this? Thank you in advance.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Crystal,

This thread is a bit dated and sounds like you need something different than what Benny originally asked here.

You can add audio directly to your slide and it should start when the learner visits the slide.

If that's not what you're seeing or you need further help, feel free to share the .story file for us to take a look.

Philip Deer

I have audio on my base layer and it is set to play when the user clicks an object. I have the same audio on the next layer and have the same trigger for it to play when an object is clicked. However, the audio plays as soon as it transitions from the base layer to the next layer. How do I prevent this autoplay? The triggers didn't take care of it.

Thanks in advance.

Steven Walsh


Since Articulate doesn’t give us access to the built-in audio/volume variable, I created my own variable and button for audio which are doing the job.

I’m using them in an exam where if the student wants the questions read to them, they can turn audio on.  The audio reads what is already on the page, so the audio is independent of the timeline.  The audio default is OFF.

It would be nice if we had access to the audio/volume button & variable like we have access to the Next and Previous buttons.  Maybe in a future update.

Thanks for asking.