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I've been tasked with creating a new course on active listening skills and questioning techniques so obviously have decided to go down the audio route, however I am a bit stuck as to what to display on the screen whilst the recording is playing (extracts from a series of interviews). Each extract (4) lasts between about 60 and 90 seconds and clearly I don't want to add anything that would distract the learner - is it ok in this instance to have a blank screen with perhaps only a seeker bar (or equivalent) showing so the learner knows how long they have left to listen?

The idea then is to have a series of questions and exercises based on the content of the interview extract so these can be relatively straight forward in terms of format/layout.

Any ideas much appreciated as this is my first time using audio in a course!



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Greg Cannon

Thanks for your response Bruce.

I guess if money had been no object I would be recording actors actually playing out the interviews and using video but 2 of them are telephone based in any case so I figured that audio-only would a) be more cost effective and b) be a better test of active listening given that the lack of visual clues etc...

What you're suggesting is basically what I'm intending - with the "podcast" being 'hosted' on a Storyline slide as opposed to being a separate entity. Given the audio sections are only about 60-90 seconds it didn't seem unrealistic...

You have given me an idea for background imagery though - menu structure and UI buttons could be loosely based on an iTunes type 'player', the audio sections could be displayed as podcast files etc? At least using a familiar-looking interface learners wouldn't be too shocked to have a section of audio to listen to?

Or am I just trying to fit a round object into a square box? If so happy to reconsider my approach!