Audio behavior between layers

Dec 31, 2015

Hi. I have some tests in a course unit, all of which contain a 'review answers' button on the results slide. All of those buttons trigger (=true) a variable which unlocks a badge in their stats page. Each results slide also contains a layer that is to be shown when the variable changes to true, which just shows the new badge moving on the screen.

The results slide, therefore, contains 3 layers: success, failure, and Newbadge.

Each layer has an audio cue.

Now I've managed (as a user) to review the quiz by clicking the button, and only after i get back to the results slide, it will show the Newbadge layer and play its sound. The problem is, the sound from the success/failure layer will play again as well.

Is there any way to prevent that happening every time?

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