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May 18, 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm working with a slide where I want the audio to only be played when the user clicks the PLAY button. I previewed it and the audio runs through automatically as a narration without being controlled by the buttons. Does anyone know how to make it so it can only be played with the button?



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David Burton


There are so many different ways to do this; I have outline one method below.

1. From the Slide View, Import an audio file from the Insert Tab --> Sound Button --> Sound from File...

2. Locate a file and Open.

3. From the Slide View, create a button by selecting the Insert Tab --> Button

4. From the Triggers panel under the Object Triggers, select the Add trigger link under the newly created button, then select the following field options.

Action: Play media

Media: Sound 1 (or the audio file you imported from step 1 above)

When: User clicks

That's it! Preview your project and the audio should play when the button is clicked.

I hope this helps!

Kate Jurd

Hey David how is it going with that file and the triggers?

Currently I have our staff accessing the resource,  our training implementation went live last week with our first cohort of nurses and doctors.  No one has had any issues to date... so all is good. 

The training package has been nominated at our Health roundtable innovation awards coming up in Sydney in October - its very exciting.... and another opportunity to showcase storyline!

cheers Kate

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