Audio Buttons & Triggers

Nov 26, 2012

Have a question about how to handle audio and audio button triggers efficiently.

I've got a slide with base narrator audio (approx 15 seconds)

There are also 6 buttons on the slide, each with audio associated with them.

Currently, if you click a button before narrator audio is finished, the audio overlaps.

If you click another button before previous button click audio is finishes, the audio overlaps.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Disable the buttons somehow (animate in late, put a box over them) until the base audio has completed.

Add a ridiculous number of triggers to each button, to not only start the audio associated with that button, but stop the audio associated with all other buttons.



PS: Also, is there a way to replace the next button in the player with an exit button for the last screen of each module?

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Jennie Lee-Pace

Hey Phil.

How do you pop audio onto a layer? I am a novice with AS. I have 6 buttons that I have placed on my base layer. When the user clicks each button it shows text (created as a layer). The triggers i have in place show the text when the user clicks the button and plays the audio properly.  Just don't know what to do if the user clicks multiple buttons....each audio track plays over one another.  Could you break down your suggestion for a novice? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jennie!

This thread is pretty dated and I'm not sure that Phil would still be subscribed here.

I think that this tutorial about working with layers will help you get started as well as help explain how to prevent the overlap that you mention.

Edit - OR - Phil could totally be subscribed and even beat me to a response ;)

Jennie Lee-Pace

Thanks. I know how to create a layer. I didn't see anything in the article about adding audio files as layers and how to trigger the audio to stop if someone clicks out of the button.

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