Audio changes when using Play Media Trigger

Jul 16, 2013

I have a slide that has audio in the base layer and audio in the layers.

When a user clicks on a shape in the base layer, a trigger launches another layer (Say Layer A).

I tested the audio in layer A and everything works fine - it's synched nicely with the animations.

After I added the "Play Media <Sound 1> when timeline starts" trigger, the sound file changed.

The timing is way off and I can't resynch it because it looks differently on the timeline.  The timeline now just shows the name of the file.

I need this trigger because users want to be able to click back on the hotspot and I want the sound file to play again.  It seems without this trigger, the sound file won't replay on revisits even though I've set the layer to reset to initial state.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Liz Levine

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply.

The audo is definitely the correct audio file.  I've checked this.

As you can see from the .jpeg attached, I have the properties of the layer set to reset to its initial state.

I also have a trigger in the layer to hide the layer when the timeline ends.

Is this the save as closing the layer as you mention above?

Just to give you a bit more information about this design:

The screen shot shows the base layer.

When the user clicks on any of the column headers it goes to a layer providing information about that column.

The layer usually has a rectangle highlighting the column and sometimes has some video.

all the layers have audio in them.

I want the user to be able to click on the revisit the information on any of the columns without have to leave the slide.

I found that if I didn't use the play media on layer trigger that the audio associated with a layer would not replay.

The layer would display and all the animations would display, but the audio would not.

Any additional thoughts?


Liz Levine

Sorry, I'm not communicating this problem clearly enough.

The slide is not playing the wrong audio.

When I added the trigger to the layer, the audio gets converted to a .wav in the timeline and the audio has a long delay at the beginning and then gets cut out when the timeline ends.

If I click on the trigger a second time, the audio plays correctly.

However, the first time the layer plays, the audio is always wrong.

The second time, the audio is always correct.

Attached is the slide.

Thank you for your help.


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