Audio clip playing over top of video clip when Seekbar is scrubbed or clicked to advance.

May 01, 2018

More fun with Storyline 360 this week! We're replicating a course that has a video file in it. There are additional audio clips that play when a variable is turned on. The video pauses, plays the audio clip, and then the video continues playing. I have the video on the base layer and the extra audio clips on additional layers. There are cue points in the timeline where the layered audio clips should start. I have that part working fine. The video pauses, the extra audio clip plays and when done the video then continues. However, if a user scrubs the Seekbar or clicks in the Seekbar track the additional audio clips play over top of the video track. I'm not having any luck separating them. I've tried inserting them on the base layer and only activating them when the timeline hits a certain time point but if the Seekbar is touched, but they play over top of the video anyway.

Any programming ideas?

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