Audio connected to timeline?

Jan 20, 2020

I made several modules for a course where I was able to insert audio and then drag it on the timeline to where I needed. Now suddenly when I insert audio it is locked into place at the beginning on the timeline. I'm no longer able to drag it from the beginning. If I try to drag the endpoint of the timeline the audio goes with it. 

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Jerry Beaucaire

This is the behavior I would expect if an audio clip has a TRIGGER listed in the panel to activate it.  This trigger has it's own timeline constraints, so the main timeline shows those audio clips without start/end times to visually represent that it is controlled elsewhere.

Check for the existence of a trigger in the panel, remove it, and the main timeline regains control of the clip and it can be moved like any other object at that point.

Check it out.

If that's not the issue, maybe upload a .story with just one or two slides exhibiting this problem.

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