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Apr 04, 2015

Hi all

I am building a listening course and wanted to check two things:

1. is it possible to accompany an audio file inserted into a slide with the usual controls, especially a seek/progress bar (not to confuse with the slide progress bar), I know it is possible with video, but I can't figure out how to do it with audio. I reall need an audio seek bar because the recordings are quite long.


2. the audio file is quite long, I have compressed it to the point of audible quality loss (requires de-essing now), however, is it possible not to have to reinsert the same audio into a new slide for another set of questions based on it - these audio duplicates make the file huge and I know it will cause problems with access and downloading on the learner side. I'd prefer multiple slides referring to the same instance of the audio file (hope I am clear)



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

1. There isn't an audio seekbar option within Storyline. I've read of a few users who have turned an audio into an MP4 or similar, and then applied the video seekbar to that. 

2. There isn't a way to reference an audio file that is on another slide. I'm not entirely clear on your set up but if the user needs to regularly listen to audio throughout the course to answer questions, what about placing that audio in a lightbox slide and placing a link to that on each question? That way you'd only have the one audio file and allow the user to open that each time and not lose their location in the course. 

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