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Nicole Legault

Hey Liz, does the issue only occur in the story_html5 file, or does it also occur if you play the story.html file, or if you do a publish for CD and try running the .exe file? Also, do you have any other videos or audio clips that also play when you click on the first tab? I ask that because Storyline HTML5 content cannot play multiple audio or video resources at the same time

Nicole Legault

Hi Liz

When it comes to Storyline and HTML5, HTML5 is supported, however there may be some limitations. You might want to check out this comparison chart.  Have you installed the most recent Articulate Storyline upgrade (upgrade 3)? I am asking because that upgrade did resolve some issues related to audio and HTML5 in Storyline. 

You might also want to check out this link: Audio or video is missing in mobile Safari

If none of these options help, please send us a support case so we can take a closer look at your file. =) Thanks Liz!