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Brett Rockwood

Interesting question. I wouldn't say it's a Captivate thing or a SL thing. It's an audio thing. Does the Captivate sound file sound differently when played natively in Captivate vs. inserted into SL? I don't know for sure but both Captivate and SL compress the audio, if Captivate has compressed it and then SL compresses it again it's not likely to sound very good. I'd try to get a hold of the native audio file before it was processed by Captivate. Then I'd insert it uncompressed/unaltered into the SL timeline along with your Captivate movie with the sound removed.

You can also try adjusting the volume level in SL but too much adjustment is going to be really noticable, especially if you are making something louder.

Do you have the option of re-recording the Captivate audio and inserting it directly into SL?

In any case it's going to be very difficult to match recordings done at different times with presumably different equipment. If you have Audacity or another audio editing program you may be able to tweak the files to be more closely alike but unless you're George Martin you'll still likely to be able to hear the difference.

Brett Rockwood

Hi Karen. I'd try to get the audio file used in the Captivate project once it's complete. Then you can import it into SL with an audio-free Captivate file and you won't get the different compressions that Captivate and SL use. You'd just be reassembling the audio/video in SL and letting SL take care of compression for the whole thing. You'll still have the different sound quality if they've been recorded at different times with different equipment, however.