Audio Distorted in Preview and Publish

Good day all,

I am working on an elearning, and have had no issues until this morning.  I have just imported my audio, recorded using Audacity, 16bit Wav @ 44100Hz, as recommended by Articulate.  When I listen to the audio within Audacity, Windows Media Player, and VNC, the audio sounds crystal clear.  However, when I import the audio, and then attempt to preview AND/OR publish the content, the audio becomes very fuzzy and crackly.  When I open the file in Storyline's Audio Recorder, it sounds perfect as well.   When I go back to preview/publish, it goes right back to being crackly and fuzzy.

I could really use some advice on how to get this fixed.

So far, I have:
- Restarted my computer
- Ensured the files are all stored locally, and not being accessed through any network structure
- Ensured the file name and pathway name are not over 260 characters
- Changed out headphones and speakers
- Remove and replace the audio multiple times
- I have even changed from .WAV to .MP3, just to see if that would make a difference... it doesnt
- Had another human being listen to it to confirm that I am not insane (in this instance), and that the audio is indeed distorted.

Help me Obi-Slide-Kenobi's, you are my only hope!

Thank you, in advance,



Storyline 360 V. 3.34.20804.0
Articulate V.  (current latest release as of 11/21/19)

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